Friday, October 30, 2009


I just noticed that as of today this blog as received 400 views- which is cool all by itself.
Then add that to the fact that on my way to school the Odometer on my bike passed the 400 mile mark (since I got it (the odometer not the bike) in July).
Add that to the fact that it's Halloween weekend, and what do you get?

The Restoration, The beach, and a meeting

Last night I dreamed that I was in class and my professor asked the question, "Can anybody explain what happened to the church that Christ formed, and why there are so many churches on the earth today?"
And I was all over it- I explained everything in detail down to Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was pretty sweet.

Then I dreamed that I was playing on the beach in Hawaii- it was awesome! The weather was so warm and the water felt just right. I just kept getting out and then running and diving into the ocean. I asked Kerri when we had to go back and she said that she had booked our plane tickets for the next week. I was like "Oh wow, that means I'll have to miss a whole week of school. --- Oh well! Whatcha gonna do?"

Then I dreamed that I showed up at a basketball game and my friends from high school were there as well as my parents. My friends were like "Hey, how come you missed the Priesthood meeting that was at 5:30 this morning?" I responded, "I don't know. I wish I had a member of the Stake Presidency that would have woke me up." My dad chimed in, "I was going to, but I saw a car outside of our house at that time and I thought it was your friends coming to get you, so I just let you sleep."

Anyone who can find the connection between all of these gets a prize.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Train Ride to New York

Last night I dreamed that we decided to take the train to New York. It was pretty cool, until I had to drive the train to get us there and I wasn't sure which way to go. But we made it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Waking Up

So today I woke up and got ready for school, only to wake up and find out that it was all a dream. That always blows my mind.
Then I woke up for a third time to find out it still was all a dream. Yikes!
Then Kaci came and jumped on me and the last 3 were a dream- this time I got up and went to school, when out of the blue Kerri wakes me up.

Forget about it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last night I dreamed that I moved to Alaska and for fun we went ice-scuttling. Ice-scuttling in my dream is when you find a lake/ocean that has frozen over and then make a hole in it, then you hop in a scuttle (which is kind of like a metal saucer) and float around in it and break up all the ice. It's pretty exciting, you just don't want to fall out.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At least it's reciprocal

Well, with all my dreaming about school at whatnot, it's only fair that I show up in my professor's dreams once in a while.

So one of my professors told me that he dreamed he was on a train with Kaci, and they were traveling to visit Switzerland.

It could happen.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Too much studying

So last night my dad sat me down and had a serious talk.
"Well son, you know that you were born a month early, and had a very low birth weight, and I don't think we've ever told you the risk factors involved with being born pre-maturely with a low birth weight."
(He then whipped out a slide show that matched almost exactly the slide show about the risks of low birth weight that we went over in my neuropsych class)
"Well of course there's trouble breathing because the lungs aren't fully developed. But there can also be problems with absorbing nutrition because the gut isn't fully developed either, a lot of people don't know that son.
There is also increased risk of having a learning disability...." And then he went on to discuss the other risks as well.
I was like "Thanks dad, but I'm already grown up, I think that I'm past most of that already." He responded "You never know son, there's always risk."


Then I had another one where I was visiting this old man, and he told me like 20 times that he wished someone would help him clean up his yard and mow it. So I helped him do it. (Hopefully I get rewarded with a really great dream tonight)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tough to know if you're dreaming

So last night a new professor started teaching in my program, and he was super mean. He was always yelling at us and calling us dumb. During one project he began yelling at one of my classmates, and the professor got so mad that he started punching my classmate in the face. I decided, "That's it!" So I ran over and tackled the mean dude, fired him, and told him if he ever did anything mean again that I would sue the pants off of him.
Afterwards, more crazy stuff happened, and I started to get the feeling that I was dreaming. I ran into a guy from my church that I trust and I asked him,
"Is this real, or is this a dream, cuz I feel like it's a dream."
He responded, "Of course this is real, we're here aren't we."
Me: "Hmmm... I don't believe you. I know. Let's bet on it!"
Him: "Okay, if this is real, then you have to organize a big group and come do a five hour service project at my house."
Me: "And if it is a dream...?"
Him: "Then I'll make you some FLUVANNA FLIE"
Me: "What's fluvanna flie?"
Him: "Well, it's kind of like... Thai Food. Yeah. It's really Spicy. I'll show you."
Just then I see another guy from my church and ask him, "Is this really real, or am I dreaming?"
Him: "Well, I agree with that guy. He wouldn't bet Fluvanna Flie unless he was confident."
Then in my struggle to figure out if I was dreaming, I woke myself up.

Now my question is: How should I go about telling that guy from church that he owes me some Fluvanna Flie?

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Last night (dreaming) I went to the University Rec Center (UREC) because I wanted to sit in the hottub. When I got there they asked for my student ID # (which I recently memorized). So I began to rattle it off 109539274, and they're like did you say 105974263, so I'm like No! I said 190572349, wait, wait, wait 10957349, I mean, and they were saying a whole bunch of numbers at the same time. So after like 10 minutes I just pull out my ID card and am like "Hey, I've got it right here, let's just look at it." But we still couldn't get the numbers straight, so finally they just let me in, but then I woke up before I could get to the hot tub.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I remembered it

Upon seeing a Hershey's chocolate bar, I suddenly remembered my dream.

Me, my wife, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law, were driving in the car to go...somewhere. My sister in law who is planning a wedding says, "For our Honeymoon we want to go to Hershey Pennsylvania and go on the little tour they have."

I chimed in that "You don't want to do that. The tour is lame, definitely not what you want to do" (I really don't think that Hershey world is that bad, I think I just had a migraine the night before I went there in real life and was miserable the day I visited it)

That's when my mother in law decided. "Well lets just go there right now and see."
So we drive there, down chocolate avenue and get to Hershey World and stuff our faces with chocolate.
My sister in law exclaims "Are you kidding me? This is totally where I want to go on my honeymoon!"

The trouble with dreams

You know what the trouble with dreams is?
If you don't tell someone right away, or write them down, then you forget them- and they're gone. (That's what happened last night- and it was a good one too!)

What a waste of sleep.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Church in my house

Last night I dreamed that the chapel was connected to my house and I remember thinking how convenient that was that I didn't even have to travel anywhere to get to church. There were also a lot of interesting people there too. My Stake President from when I was in High School was speaking, and a family from my mission was in attendance.

In the middle of the meeting though, I remembered that I needed to test a child for special education eligibility (which I really am going to do in about an hour), so I snuck out of the meeting and was getting the testing room all set up. But people from my ward kept following me and talking to me. What was really funny was that one of the really conservative ladies in my ward followed me into the testing room and was just like "I couldn't stay awake at all- church is so boring sometimes!" And as I looked at her, I noticed that she had gotten a bunch of new tattoos all over her arms and neck from the Tattoo parlor that is conveniently located right next to our church (in real life).
The good part of my dream was that I kept looking for my stopwatch because I needed it for testing, which reminded me that in real life I needed to find my stopwatch and take it with me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Snowstorms in Hawaii

After 3 weeks of posting my dreams and not telling them to Kerri, she consented to listen again, so for the past two days I told her my dreams instead of posting them (which is so much more satisfying).

But last night I had a great dream. Kerri and I had moved back into the good old TVA apartments at BYU-Hawaii. It was wonderful, it even still had the cinder block walls and that great mildewey smell that I consider to be the trademark of TVA. I totally thought that my dream was real. We even went to bed at night and Kaci woke up and tried to escape. As I was putting her back in bed, I looked out the window to find that all the palm trees and crabgrass was covered in an inch of white snow.
I couldn't believe it. I told Kerri, "It's a good thing we moved here instead of just visiting or I would be very disappointed." The next morning even though it was cold, we still grabbed our surfboards and headed out to go surfing (at pounder's beach- I'm not sure why we'd pick Pounders- that kind of tipped me off that I was dreaming).
After going surfing I remembered that I had to go to the dentists office. However when I arrived I couldn't find a parking spot, so I just parked my car in the lane and got out to look for a good spot. I was walking around and I saw a 7 foot tall dog eyeing me down. I started to run, but the owner of the dog (a five year old) chased me down to tell me that he was very nice, but that he wasn't a dog at all. He was a certain variation of elephant, but that he didn't give people rides- he's not that kind of elephant. Luckily I woke up before making it to see the dentist.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Last night I ended playing a game of football, but instead of having to run or throw the ball like in normal football, you could opt to hit the ball with a baseball bat if you wanted. The other team would pitch it to you and you'd hit it and then wherever they tagged you, that's where you were "down" and started a new play (regular football, or softball style). But if you struck out when they were pitching it to you, then it was a turnover.

Interesting idea, eh? Anybody want to play?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winston Churchill

Well, I can't remember my dream from last night but here's an old one I had.

I'm walking through the park talking to my good buddy Winston Churchill. He's talking to me about not giving up when things are hard, and persevering, and it was really quite inspirational. What was even cooler than that, was that there was a statue of Winston Churchill in the park that we were walking through. So people kept looking at us and then at the statue and back at us and were like "Hey, that's Winston Churchill! That's so cool!"

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

Friday, October 9, 2009

BYU vs Air Force

Last night I got to go to the BYU vs. Air Force football game, (because it was conveniently being played in Harrisonburg) but it was just being played at a high school football stadium, so you could walk around and sit wherever you want. We (Me, Kerri, and Kaci) ended up on the sideline and would follow the game up and down the field. The wierd part was that they were playing without any pads or helmets. I couldn't believe that their coaches and the NCAA officials would let them, but they were.
Then we found that in one of the end zones they had a swimming pool that anyone could hang out in as long as they stayed by the edges, and Kaci wanted to go swimming so we sat there along the edge swimming, until Kaci jumped in and started swimming. Then we got in trouble, "Hey, you need to stay by the edge!" Kerri started getting hungry so she asked one of the life guards "Is it all right if we eat our half pounder grilled angus burgers while we're in the pool?" But the life guard said no, so we had to get out to eat our half pounder angus burgers.
The bad news of the game is that BYU was losing horribly to Air Force. Air Force was up like 35 to 7, and then just to run up the score they did an onside kick and recovered it and scored again. (Hopefully this dream doesn't come true... unlike many of my others)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hitchhiking on airplanes

Last night I was going on an airplane ride to....? I don't remember where. But I got to the airport a little bit late, just as it was taking off. So naturally, I just started chasing the airplane down. I caught it and grabbed on before it took off. There was a little tube in the back of it that I had to pull myself through to get inside. So I started pulling and pulling, and making tiny progress, but the resistance of the plane taking off was pulling me back, so I put forth all my effort and eventually pulled myself inside of the airplane where everyone greeted me. I was breathing so hard from all the hard work, that I woke up and was breathing so hard from all the hard work.

Just a side dream, There was also a Native American Pow-Wow outside my house last night that was pretty cool, and they were serving free sausage.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sand dunes/Oceans11/The Chase

So Kerri and I are going for a hike, and we hike and hike and hike, and finally I say to her, "I think it's probably time to turn back." Kerri says to me "We're not turning anywhere until we find the gold." So I say okay and we just keep hiking, and we get to the desert and hike for miles across some sand dunes, up and down and along cliffs, and we're running out of water, but finally on the wall of these cliffs we're hiking along we see a whole bunch of gold nuggets. Kerri tells me that she thinks it's just fools gold to keep us distracted from the real treasure, but I fill up my pockets with it anyways. We hike over the next sand dune and there's a whole bunch of people hiking and hanging out and everything and we ask them where they all came from. They tell us, "From the Hotel."
That's when we notice a secret passage that leads to a hotel, so we take it and end up in this really nice hotel building. We pull out our treasure and are looking at it, when a man comes up to me and says "You need to come with me." So he takes me to this room and shoves me in. Inside the room is the cast from Oceans 11, and they're all discussing how they pulled off the robbery and how they're going to split up the money. Then the "bad guy" of the movie (The owner of the casino) shows up, and is like "that was pretty good guys, how are we splitting up the money?" And I was all shocked like "Woah, he was in on it too." So they explain to me that he was in on the whole thing so he could collect the insurance and still get his share of it too (but that they didn't put that in the movie because it would make it less exciting), I was like, "Oh yeah, good point."
Then they explained to me that they wanted me to show them around town, (because we were staying at Massanutten, and I knew the area). So the lead guy was like, "Let's roll" and everybody strapped on their "rollerblades" but instead of rollerblades they were like fancy dress shoes, but they had little wheels on them like the rolley-shoes.
So we go rollerblading around the running path at Massanutten, but they went too slow so I lost all of them. So I decide to just find Kerri and Kaci and head home. When I get to the exit an old lady tells me that I can't go out that way, I'll have to use the other exit. So I go to the other exit and another person tells me the same thing. That's when I realized that they were trying to trap me there. So I'm heading back to the original exit, when I see the old lady Spank Kaci. I was shocked, apalled, and furious! So I grab Kaci, push the old lady to the ground and rollerblade right past the exit to get out of there.
The old lady sends a security guard after me. We have a chase down the road and he's gaining on me. Just then I see a pile of foam baseball bats lying in the road. So I stop, pick up a baseball bat, turn, and start hitting the security guard with the bat and tell him to leave me alone. He's like "Take it easy, I'll let you go, just don't hit me again, I'm very sensitive."
And then I woke up.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cool School

So I dreamed that I showed up at the elementary school I'm doing my practicum at and everybody was outside for recess. The kids were all playing in one area, and the teachers were all playing in the other area. The teachers are all riding bikes and doing these crazy tricks- like one teacher was riding and then jumped the entire length of the bike rack on her bike! It was pretty amazing.
Then we went inside and the kids were showing us the cool stuff that they got at the science fair. This one boy had a bag called "a potato bug bag". He would jump in the bag, and then it would suck in, close up and turn him into a round ball, like a potato bug (only he was about the size of a basketball). And then he would just roll all around and then pop open (and say I'm dizzy). They had all different colors of potato bug bags too.
(I think this might be a cool gift for Christmas if anyone is interested in getting me one).

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Great Luchador

Last night I took a trip out west to investigate possible sites for my upcoming internship. I visited Durango Colorado, but was slightly disappointed to find that most of it had burned down in a big fire. However, due to the fire damage it was possible to find a three bedroom house to rent for just $95.00 a month. We wanted to find something out in the forest, so we went for a hike (in the middle of the night) to go exploring. After hiking for about an hour we were on our way home when we noticed that we were being watched by a pack of wolves. Not just a little pack, but a pack of about 70 wolves, who had red eyes. We just snuck along very carefully and the wolves left us alone until somebody sneezed. Then the chase began, we were running and fighting them off with sticks while they were biting at us- until we finally made it to this little Mexican Cantina that let us in.
Not only were we grateful to be safe from the wolves, but the Cantina was also having a lucha libre (WWF wrestling) competition that night as well that anybody could enter. I thought to myself, "I have always wanted to be a great luchador" and decided to enter the competition. So I got all warmed up and was watching the first fight which included a lot of slapping, hitting each other with books, jumping off of the ropes, and spandex. I stepped outside for a quick break when I noticed that Young Men's group had come to watch the lucha libre for a scout activity. One of the boys was saying to the other, "I hope this activity is good, the other ward was going scrapbooking tonight and I was thinking about going with them." I turned to the kid and said, "Trust me, this is going to be better than scrapbooking."
And then I woke up.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Suspension Basketball

So me and my classmates are hanging out at the University Recreation Center, and my friend asks me, "Hey, do you want to play suspension basketball?" I'm like "What's that?" and he just points. I look out into this gym and there's two basketball hoops that are about 30' high and a basketball hanging down from the ceiling on a super long rope. Then, all of the players dropped down from the ceiling on bungee cords and start playing. Rather then dribbling and passing like you'd see in regular basketball, they played more like tetherball, where they would just hit the basketball and it would go swinging and they would try to swing it up and into the hoop. - It was pretty cool.-

Also in the dream, but I think unrelated, is that Salt Lake City was building a giant running path that ran the whole length of the valley right along with TRAX, so people could run instead of taking TRAX if they wanted. And Oprah was building her new studio in Salt Lake City and was going to start doing her shows from there.

I dunno?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

In the Navy

So last night I was in the Navy. I had just finished basic training and my first assignment was to be a food tester for the cooks who were in training. That doesn't sound so bad, except for that the cooks were training on cooking for the prisoners of war. So I had a dual purpose, to eat the food and to test the security that they had put into place for their prisoners. So for six week I was taken captive on a submarine and was cruising around the ocean.
I remember one of my cellmates telling me "We got this assignment because we enlisted, just imagine if we had got drafted."
Well after 3 weeks we were finally reaching land again, and when we did I decided to escape just so I could run around and get some fresh air. So I squeezed myself out of this little window and luckily landed in a life boat.
As I'm floating away all of these flying saucers fly by above me and start shooting lasers at me. At first I think the planet is under attack, but then I realize that they're just a new type of jet that the government has developed to scare the bejeebeez out of the countries we're at war with. Finally I make it to the shore and I meet up with some other guys who have also escaped the submarine. They were all excited and they start telling me, "Man, you've gotta come with us to this restaurant! It's called the Butt Burger." Me- "The Butt Burger?" Them- "Yeah, and they have this Kick Butt, Butt Burger that weighs 8 pounds."

Just then I realize that the sun is coming up and I start to panic, I tell them. "No way guys, we need to get back to our prison cell, or they're going to kick us out." Them- "Kick us out of prison?" Me-"Well...yeah. But if we get kicked out, we'll never get promoted."
After some discussion half of them decide to sneak back into the prison cell with me and half of them decide to go to the restaurant. As we're sneaking back in we hear them yelling "All right, but you guys are missing out on the Butt Burger!"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

No dreams

Last night was another kind of sleepless night, so I don't really have any vivid dreams that make sense.
All that I can remember is that I was working with one of my classmates putting in a sprinkler system, and there were some kids playing in the yard and they kept bugging us. So finally my classmate (who is probably the most mild mannered person I've ever met) yelled "That's it!" and he took his shovel and hit the pipe, creating this really cool geyser. Then he started swinging his shovel around chasing the kids who all went running, and then he turned loose onto a car that was coming by and just started putting dents into it with his shovel.

I think I'm starting to see a pattern of anger and violence in my dreams, has anyone else noticed that?