Sunday, July 11, 2010

Attack of the Moose

Well, in real life I have successfully relocated to Alaska- which is as cool as I hoped it would be, and driving along the Seward Highway looks almost identical to how Alaska always looked in my dreams (maybe it's because of the hours I've spent on the internet researching Alaska). I love it here, last night as I was biking just a little before sunset (11:00pm) I came across my first moose. She was just eating some branches off a tree in the park by my house. I thought it was cool and wished I had my camera with me. But I just kept biking through some pretty sweet trails and then when I came around a corner I almost ran straight into two young mooses (or meese? moosen? whatever). (the young moose I saw were bigger than the one pictured)
They scared the shapoopie out of me! I also know the number one thing about dealing with moosel is to never get betweeen a mama and her babies. I looked around and didn't see mama, so I carefully just backed up, turned my bike around and took off. All in all it was pretty cool.
However, in my dream last night, mama moose was back! She started charging me and I took off running toward a fence, she got to me right as I was climbing the fence and bucked me with her head. I went flying a good twenty feet in the air and landed with a giant thud. I'm glad that was just a dream.

Best Dessert Ever

Just after high school I moved to the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii to attend college in an awesome little place called La'ie. It's right by the ocean and the mountains and is home to the #1 paid tourist attraction in Hawaii, The Polynesian Culture Center.
To support myself I worked at the on campus ice-cream shop, which was probably the best job I've ever had in my life. One specialty that I've been craving recently (maybe because of the pregnancy) is the combination of an ICEE with vanilla soft serve ice-cream (IT'S AMAZING!).

Last night I dreamed that I went back to the ice-cream shop and I got one, and I was talking with my old boss about how good I think they are. He agreed with me whole heartedly, and even went so far as to say. "Yeah, Laie has a lot of great stuff, but to be honest, I'd have to say the real pride and joy of this town is that you can get an ICEE mixed with soft serve. That's really what keeps all the tourists coming here."
I was kind of surprised, but after taking another taste of my soft serve ICEE it all made so much sense that I had to agree with him.