Sunday, January 31, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

Disclaimer- This dream is long and boring, but it was really vivid.

Last night I was in the military and my plane got shot down behind enemy lines. I didn't have a weapon and the enemy was all around, so I just hid underneath a car, but eventually I was spotted. I came out with my hands up as they surrounded me all speaking (I think) Urdu, or another mid-eastern language. Seeing that they didn't speak English I spoke to them in Spanish and told them that I surrendered.
They all started laughing, and spoke back to me in Spanish and English. "No way man, we're not gonna hurt you. Just come to church with us." So I went into a large (I think) Catholic church, and we greeted the priest by bowing to him and then taking our seat. I sat by my new friends until they explained to me that in their culture it wasn't right- I needed to sit somewhere different. So I did and sat through a long sermon that I didn't understand.
After church when we were all trying to leave I was asking them what country I was in- they kept telling me that I was in the Dominican Republic. I didn't believe them at all because their Spanish was so poor and slow. So I kept trying to ask other people. Just then I saw some Mormon missionaries in the church and got all excited. I ran up to them and was like "Americans! You gotta help me! I'b been shot down and I need to know what country I'm in!" They just looked at me and then spoke to each other in the language that I didn't understand. I finally communicated with them enough to establish that they weren't Americans.
Just then I saw a member of my current ward who is a Linguist (he speaks 7 or 8 languages) but he's very old and now speaks very very slowly, and he was talking to the priest in the other language. So I ran up to him and he was all excited to see me (as he's the nicest old man I've ever met) Bro....ther....... Call....! are... you........ here...? So I explained the whole story to him and was trying to ask him what country I was in, and he started to respond, but it was taking him a really long time to tell me because he has a hard time speaking. Before he could get it out, the people who had brought me to church came and found me and were like "Come on, it's time to go."
So we got in their car and were going to the grocery store to get some food, and I was trying to get them to tell me where I was and they kept insisting that it was the Dominican Republic-
And then Kaci came in and woke me up.
Like I said, not a real interesting dream.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to Hawaii, again

Last night I was back in Hawaii hanging out with my old roommate, and a new friend that I made here in Virginia. We were going to teach my new friend how to surf so we were getting our boards ready when I realized that both of my boards (Bonita and Talulah) had cracks in them.
Being resourceful I thought, "I know, I'll just wrap them up in plastic wrap!" (I'm not sure why I never thought of that before). As I was wrapping up my boards my buddy mentioned "You better hurry, I think the bus is coming." I laughed and sarcastically commented "Yeah, every half an hour right"

Just then the bus came by (which should have been a tip off to me that I was dreaming), and Liam and I jumped on, as soon as we got on the bus driver took off driving down the street leaving our third friend chasing after it (that's what made me think that it was real). Two stops later our friend joined us, just in time to get off two stops later at Ali'i Beach Park. It's kind of crazy to go surfing out there right now, the bus driver told us. We told him not to worry, we do this all the time.
So we get off the bus and everything is covered in snow! I was like "This is so cool! I love the snow! I can't believe you got more snow here than we do in Virginia!" "Yeah, it's some sort of effect of global warming."

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Internship in Utah?

Last night I inteviewed for an internship at my old Junior High school (Riverview)in Murray.

At the end of the interview they handed me a 3x5 card with a picture of the school telling me I got the job and that they were excited I was going to take it.
I was like "Hold on a minute! I'm actually moving to Alaska to work there."
They just wouldn't believe me, and tried so hard to convince me to stay. They were using arguments like "Just think about it, the salary is really great here, you already know the community, you're family is all here!"
I was already starting to get suspicious and then they finished with,
"If you think about it, you could actually just live with your parents and save a lot of money!"
That's when I asked, "Did my mom put you up to this?"
Them, "Ummmmmm.... maybe?"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Dance Party of the Century

So last night I was at some high school function and everyone was singing the school fight song, I was like "What's going on?" and someone told me that they were recording it. Then they got done and the principal announced "And now it's time to party!"
Then this really cool beat came on, and I busted out this AMAZING RAP! Seriously, I know you guys think I can't rap, but this really was like the RAP OF ALL RAPS - it was legit (2legit maybe). Even as I was doing it I thought "I can't believe I'm actually rapping like this... This is cool!" Then everybody just started going crazy and dancing! Man it was so fun. People were going wild! That's when my buddy Bret
(This is Bret) from high school got in the center of a circle, ripped off his shirt, and started dancing (Probably one of the coolest things I've ever dreamed!) I just remember being on this high, and laughing so hard, and dancing my little heart out. Man, I wish you all could have really been there. Especially you Bret.

P.S. I thought I should clarify for those of you who don't know Bret. He is by far the LAST person in the world who would do this (even less likely than my dad) which is why I thought it was so great (Not because of his amazing 6'3" 125lb physique"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paul McCartney Speaks

Last night it was my privilege to be in attendance at a private concert by Paul McCartney performed in my parents home. The best song was one entitled "Electric Company", which Paul became very emotional when he sang it. He told us that he had really hoped that Electric Company would become one of the classics like John's "Imagine" but that he really got hosed by the other Beatles. He was mad because they put his song on a cd with Peter (Ringo's real, real name) on the cover of it. And that really just made it unpopular.

The song is so special because (as he disclosed to us in my dream) Paul is diagnosed with high functioning autism, and the song really gave a picture of how he views the world. I can't really remember the words from it, but the song sounded a lot like My own two hands by Ben Harper and Jack Johnson. It was really quite a touching experience.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blindside- double dream

So last night there was a big Call family reunion and all of my uncles and cousins were all staying in the same house. Consequently I had to share a bed with my brother. Then I fell asleep and had the dream inside of a dream- which was: I was watching a high school football practice (in the 1970's- it was like I was in the movie Blindside (which I haven't seen))and a ball got kicked over to me. So I took it back and started talking with the football players. They were cool, but they were like "You better get out of here before coach gets back- he's kind of rough." And I could tell that they meant he was abusive. So I was like "No way, I'm not afraid of your coach- I want to meet him." Just then a lady showed up and was like "Hey, what are you doing here?" I assumed this was the coach and got all crazy and started yelling at her "Are you the coach! Listen you little punk, I ain't afraid of you just cuz you're a woman! You better..." And she interrupted me "No, no, no, I'm just selling sodas. Would you like to buy a Sprite. Just 3 bucks." I started laughing "Three bucks for a can of soda. Nobody is gonna pay that. Listen lady, you may not believe me, but I'm from the future, and even in the future nobody is gonna pay three bucks for a can of soda."
Just then the real coach showed up, saw me, grabbed a sharp object and came after me. So I knocked the object away, tackled the coach and wrestled him to the ground and started giving him a piece of my mind "Listen punk! If you want to coach another practice alive you better start treating these kids right- use discipline not threats and abuse! Teach them to play, not to cheat! Teach them....."----
That's when I woke up from that dream and was back to the dream where I was sharing a bed with my brother. And in that dream I've got my brother in a headlock and he's wiggling to try and get away and I'm yelling at him that he better shape up or he's out of here. Then I realize that he's not the football coach, so I just let him go, and all my cousins who where in the room just busted up laughing. "That was so funny! You just started attacking him in your sleep! hahahaha!"

It was pretty funny.