Friday, June 11, 2010

Bad Bart and his Gang

Last night I dreamed about moving to Alaska again. It was beautiful and I was driving along the coast and the forest adn we finally got to our house. It was awesome, except for that it didn't have a kitchen and we were pretty bummed about that.
Then trouble hit when I walked outside and everybody started running away. I asked what was going on and a guy told me that Bad Bart and his gang were coming and I had better hide. Then this motorcycle gang came riding up the street wearing bandanas and demanded an offering. (A lot like El Guapo and his men in The Three Amigos).
I had my digital camera on me so offered that to them, but told them I was going to need some change. They got off and looked at it, and they were actually really polite. They sat and chatted with me and then gave me $100 for the camera. Then they thanked me and rode off. After they left I began organizing the townspeople to fight back and not let Bad Bart boss them around anymore. We were about to have the big showdown but then I woke up.

I'll tell you one thing, you better watch out Bad Bart, because Bad Brad is comin' to town!