Monday, April 12, 2010

Flunking out of High School by verda

I woke up this morning so disgusted with myself.  Again I dreamed that I flunked math (because I never went to class)  and because I flunked I was short the required credits and I  didn't get to graduate.  I  hate, hate, hate this dream.  It reoccurs monthly.  Just to put the record straight, I did graduate from High School with Honors and with way too many credits.  I could of graduated as a Junior but my Father insisted that I continue as a Senior.  So why I keep having this dream, I do not know.  This time it was a bit different.  Two other girls were in the same boat as I and the teacher let them slide just because.  ARRRGH!!!! 

I also keep having the same dream that I arrive late to the cafeteria for lunch and all the food is gone!  I pout and wimper, but to no avail.  No lunch for me.  I go away with a rumbling in my tummy.  So very sad.  The rest of the school day is the pits because I am so hungry.  Maybe this is why I always take a zip lock bag with a treat everywhere I go, so I always have something to eat.

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kerri said...

You poor girl. We'll toilet paper your math teachers house when we're in AZ. -Brad