Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's Kerri

When I was pregnant with Kaci I had some crazy dreams. Like when I dreamed I was running a triathlon and after the swimming portion they blew a whistle and said all the participants could stop and eat at a buffet and we'd finish the race later. I remember being so relieved I could take a break because I was starving!

Last night I had my first prego dream where I was prego in it. Everyone was playing baseball and I really wanted to join in. So, to make it safe for me, they made me the pitcher and gave me this big box that was padded to wear so if a ball hit me it wouldn't hurt the baby. Before I woke up I caught a fly ball and everyone was cheering.

I love prego dreams!

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newsinaminute said...

we'll a year is good for a blog and your posts brought numerous smiles to dad and I (we don't get out much you know) and it was one of our more favorite comic reliefs
so thanks for the year of humor and the pictures and things you sent and to kerri too--her first grade one was a favorite--
have a great day--mom