Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laie Falls Treasure

Just behind the campus of BYU-Hawaii is a trail called "Laie Falls" which leads up to some pretty cool waterfalls. I spent many an hour up there exploring the maze of trails that goes all around those hills. And last night I made an excellent discovery up in those hills. It was amazing. So amazing that when I woke up from the dream at 2:00am, I jotted down a few notes to remind me of it. The note reads as follows:
Gold up laie falls
Golden Statue
Generals gone to prison
Kids- Hit 'em
Music Medley
This is the Christ +
Part of your world.

And this is how I remember the dream happening!
So I'm hiking up Laie Falls and I find some caves that I go into. Inside the caves I find this little golded statue that's about two inches tall

So I take it with me and go to the library. There I find an old man who tells me about all the gold that is hidden up in those caves, with the statue being the key to get in. He happens to have a map that leads to both of those caves which he shares with me. He also warns me that there are two generals who want to try and get the gold, and that they were just released from prison and are heading this way, so I need to go fast.
Me and Kerri and my old roommate are about to head up there, but it's getting dark and we don't have any flashlights so we decide to just wait until morning. Unfortunately when morning came I had to go to practicum at the city schools I'm working at. But when I show up for practicum my superviser is like "Look, I know about the treasure, you can have the morning off to go get it, but you need to be back by one o'clock for some testing okay?" I'm like "Sweet!" and I grab my statue and am leaving the school when a bunch of kids swarm around me and try to get my golden statue from me. So I hold it up above their heads and escape.
I go outside and find another friend from BYU-Hawaii (Tommy) and tell him about the treasure, but he couldn't go with me because he had to study for a test. Just then a kid ran up with my golden statue and was like "Ha-ha! I stole this from you!" and he took a bite out of it! When he took a bite it turned into milk chocolate.
I snatched it back from him, and I was ticked off. I was so mad. I was like "I'm gonna kill him!" and I started to go for him, but Tommy held me back or I really would have punched him in the face!
I was so mad, that I decided to take a bite of the statue to calm myself down and I find that it really is great chocolate. Just then I notice a group of people standing outside doing a musical performance. It was a music medley of "This is the Christ" from the movie the Testaments and "Part of your world" from the Little Mermaid.

And that's when I woke up. Man, that was a trip! I'll split the gold with anyone who can give me a correct interpretation of this dream.

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